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    Identification and characterization of M cells in the mammalian conjunctiva
    Identifying the importance of phosphorylation of SNAP-25 at Ser187 in protein kinase C-mediated enhancement of exocytosis
    Immunity in the newborn: control by IL-13 receptor and dendritic cells
    The impact of technology on organizational change in public libraries: a qualitative study
    The importance of ownership in the renewal process of one middle school
    The importance of relationships in the renewal process of one middle school
    Improvement of decoding engine & phonetic decision tree in acoustic modeling for online large vocabulary conversational speech recognition
    The (in)visibility of race, class, and gender: workers' standpoints on the transformation of Missouri's child welfare policy
    Inertial electrostatic confinement: theoretical and experimental studies of spherical devices
    Information processing of religious symbols in breast cancer advertisements among African American women
    Informing the theory of collective entrepreneurship: investment choice
    Institutional effects on grain producer price-risk management behavior: a comparative study across the United States and South Africa
    The instructional practice selection process as perceived by communication arts teachers in Missouri public middle schools
    The interplay of physical and molecular determinants in limb and cardiac cushion morphogenesis
    An investigation of how students, faculty, and administrators within a particular liberal arts college perceived a new-student orientation program's effect on students' social integration and retention
    Investigation of resistance to Heterodera glycines (scn) in soybean plant introductions (pi) 467312 and 507354
    Invitational leadership in public schools
    Isolation, characterization, and diagnosis of murine noroviruses, a newly recognized pathogen of mice
    Job satisfaction and stress among Missouri public school superintendents
    A justified system of intellectual property rights