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    Keeping your eyes on the prize versus your nose to the grindstone : the effects of level of goal evaluation on mood and motivation
    Kinase-interacting FHA domain of kinase associated protein phosphatase : phosphopeptide interactions and NMR-detected dynamics
    Korean ece teachers' strategies for addressing challenging behavior
    Laughter and other lies
    A leadership approach to using technology to enhance organizational learning and the creation of a knowledge-centered culture in this school district
    Leadership challenges to public secondary school principals in the era of education reform and cultural unrest in border provinces of southern Thailand
    Like dancers following each other's steps : an analysis of lexical cues in student writing for differing audiences
    Links between language, gesture, and motor skill : a longitudinal study of communication recovery in adults with Broca's aphasia
    Lipid mediators in the development and resolution of experimental lyme arthritis
    The logic of decisions in militarized disputes : the effect of regime, power, arms contorol [sic], and airpower on decision-making in militarized disputes
    Longitudinal assessment of age-related change in the dental pulp chamber and age estimation using dental radiographs
    Maintaining cross-domain objects and features in working memory : implications for storage in models of working memory
    Maladaptation of cardiac and skeletal muscle in chronic disease : effects of exercise
    Man on extremely small island
    The many faces of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe : examining the Crusoe myth in film and on television
    Materials study supporting thermochemical hydrogen cycle sulfuric acid decomposer design
    Mathematics textbooks and state curriculum standards : an analysis of the alignment between the written and intended curricula
    The mechanism for paraquat toxicity involves oxidative stress and inflammation : a model for Parkinson's disease
    Mechanisms of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase-induced preconditioning in ischemia/reperfusion
    Meta-analysis of quality of life outcomes following diabetes self-management training