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    A pedagogy of freedom: using hip hop in the classroom to engage African-American students [1]
    The perceptions of novice teachers regarding a PDS program and the importance of collaborative, reflective and communicative skills [1]
    Photoswitch-based Class E microwave power amplifer [1]
    Power and negotiation in safety program development in a research university [1]
    Predicting first year academic success of the student-athlete population at the University of Missouri [1]
    Principal and teacher beliefs and knowledge regarding grade retention: a case study [1]
    The relationship and predictive power of critical thinking skills scores to NATABOC certification examination for athletic training performance scores [1]
    The relationship between leadership style and student achievement in high poverty, low funded schools [1]
    The relationship between risk factors and problem behaviors in adolescence: an approach to identify a latent general risk and a latent general problem behavior factors [1]
    School expectations and initiatives for parental involvement in 30 nations: a comparative study using TIMSS 1999 data [1]
    Selected academic variables as predictors of first semester academic success of at-risk football student-athletes at the University of Missouri [1]
    Sketch-based navigation for mobile robots using qualitative landmark states [1]
    Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of nanoporous low dielectric constant films processed via supercritical carbon dioxide for next-generation microelectronic devices [1]
    A study of NCAA division I athletes on the use and the effects of combining alcohol & energy drinks [1]
    The superintendent's maintenance and influence on classroom instructional capacity: a mixed method study [1]
    Teacher perceptions of which school culture factors are most important to effective implementation of a character education program [1]
    Telling the future: a qualitative examination of the career preparations and expectations of African American high school seniors [1]
    Understanding the demands and constraints of department heads in higher education based on the perceptions of deans, faculty, and department heads [1]
    Using population invariance as a criterion to evaluate equating relationship for college basic academic subject examination [1]
    Voices yet to be heard: the educational journeys of older Latino\a undergraduates [1]