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    Occurrence and modeling of THMS and HAA formation in drinking water [1]
    Oil price shocks and stock market behavior: empirical evidence for the U.S. and European Countries [1]
    On Foucault and the genealogy of governmentality [1]
    One last good time [1]
    Optical characterization of skeletal muscles [1]
    Optical glucose nanobiosensor encapsulated in erythrocytes [1]
    Optical stimulation of quantal exocytosis on transparent microchips [1]
    Organo nickel and platinum chemistry at the edge of corannulene [1]
    The origins and implementation of the national health insurance programs in Korea, 1961-1979 [1]
    Parametric and optimal design of modular machine tools [1]
    Patient specific bone remodeling and finite element analysis of the lumbar spine [1]
    A pedagogy of freedom: using hip hop in the classroom to engage African-American students [1]
    Peer coaching: a collegial support for bridging the research to practice gap [1]
    Peer difficulties in children with epilepsy: association with medical, neuropsychological, academic, and behavioral factors [1]
    The perceptions of novice teachers regarding a PDS program and the importance of collaborative, reflective and communicative skills [1]
    Permeability analysis for thermal binder removal from green ceramic bodies [1]
    Pertechnetate immobilization with sulfide in aqueous media under anaerobic and aerobic environments [1]
    Phosphinimines as potential technetium environmental sensors [1]
    Phosphorus nutrition in tall fescue: from stockpiling to seed production [1]
    Photoswitch-based Class E microwave power amplifer [1]