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    The effect of big four office size on audit quality
    Effect of problem-based learning on knowledge acquisition, knowledge retention, and critical thinking ability of agriculture students in urban schools
    The effect of rhythmic pattern instruction on the sight-reading achievement of wind instrumentalists
    Effects of reduced protein, amino acid supplemented diets on production and economic performance of commercial broilers fed from hatch to market age
    The effects of structural modifications on sigma receptor binding
    Efficient protein tertiary structure retrievals and classifications using content based comparison algorithms
    An empirical approach to exploring the role of selective incentives in mitigating the free rider problem
    Energy transfer at gas-liquid interface: towards energetic materials
    Enhancement of adaptive de-correlation filtering separation model for robust speech recognition
    Environmental risk factors and risky sexual behavior outcomes: attitudes as a mediating factor
    Essays on security issuance
    Ethical considerations in the use of commercial agents in international student recruitment
    Evaluating distance education: the student perspective
    Evaluation of modified montmorillonites in poultry diets
    An examination of how extended field experiences, integrated coursework, and school partnerships influenced the development of four first year teachers' literacy beliefs and practice
    An examination of learner-centered professional development for reluctant teachers
    Examining the academic performance and retention of first-year students in living-learning communities, freshmen interest groups and first year experience courses
    Examining the effects of blame vs. attack anti-tobacco messages using the limited capacity model of motivated mediated message processing
    Experimental and analytical study on two-phase impingement cooling with and without electric field
    An exploratory study of undergraduate classroom experiences and occupational attainment in alumni satisfaction with university experiences