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    Factors that predict graduation among college students with disabilities [1]
    Family structure, residential area and housing demand: evidence from micro-data for the U.S. [1]
    Fantasy football participation and media usage [1]
    Firm access to capital markets in Europe [1]
    La folie, le mal de l'Afrique postcoloniale dans le Baobab fou et la folie et la mort de Ken Bugul [1]
    Food security, nutrition and health of food pantry participants [1]
    For better or worse?: the impact of accounts and attributions following marital infidelity [1]
    Freewriting for fluency and flow in eighth and ninth grade reading classes [1]
    From carbon to copper: studies of novel nanomaterials [1]
    From service design to delivery: integrating marketing and operations in the service unit [1]
    The future of community policing in the context of basic police academy training [1]
    General relativistic theory of light propagation in the field of gravitational multipoles [1]
    Generational shifts and the creation of political selves: a focus group investigation [1]
    Georges Perec: autobiographie et trauma [1]
    A good mate inspires loyalty: relationship quality moderates an ovulatory phase shift in romantic relationship feelings [1]
    Habitat use and home range of American bitterns (Botuarus lentiginosus) and monitoring of inconspicuous marsh birds in northwest Minnesota [1]
    Have you seen the new model?: visual design and product newness [1]
    Hierarchical spatio-temporal models for environmental processes [1]
    High school principal communication and organizational knwoledge [sic] creation [1]
    Historical review of financial equity in Missouri: 1993 foundation formula and amendments [1]