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    Crooked coverage: a study of (de)racialized texts in print media
    Cultural framing of diabetes from a public health perspective: a comparative content analysis
    Decomposing individual and group differences of categorical variables with genetic factor model
    Decreases in working memory capacity for sentence stimuli with adult aging
    Design optimization and efficiency modeling of a hot gas vane motor
    Detection of Leptospira interrogans in fixed equine eyes affected with end-stage equine recurrent uveitis
    The development and adaptation of the computer aided environment to facilitate industrial energy audits
    Development of a flexible image-based approach for studying signal transduction in isolated arterioles
    Development of a fluorescence resonance energy transfer optical nanoscale biosensor based on a liquid-core waveguide platform
    Development of an integrated forest management decision support system: integrating the LANDIS model and ArcGIS
    Development of high-resolution optical tomography with a larger-size projection acquisition
    Development of solution techniques and design guidelines for equestrian trails on public lands
    Dietary analysis of archaeological hair samples from Peru
    Differential effects of negative and positive affect on context processing
    Digital literacies and WAC/WID
    A Diocletianic Roman castellum in its local context: a final report of the 2001 Da'janiya survey
    A Diocletianic Roman castellum of the Limes Arabicus in its local context: a final report of the 2001 Da'janiya survey
    Dissipation and carryover of imidazolinone herbicides in imidazolinone-resistant rice (Oryza sativa)
    Does ego threat increase paranoia?
    Durability of ternary blended cements in bridge applications