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    Castor oil and orange juice: how John H. Johnson fed news to black America
    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard
    Changes in stable carbon isotopes of methane along a salinity gradient in a hypersaline microbial mat system
    Characterization of disinfection by-product precursors from Missouri streams
    Characterization of mechanical properties and study of microstructures of friction stir welded joints fabricated from similar and dissimilar alloys of aluminum
    Characterization of membrane viscosity changes with the novel molecular rotor FCVJ
    Citizen journalism and community building: predictive measures of social capital generation
    Clinical content tracking system: an efficient request tracking via a graphical user interface
    Cognitive radios: spectrum sensing issues
    Collision free path planning algorithms for robot navigation problem
    Color stability of sorghum 3-deoxyanthocyanins against sulfite and ascorbic acid degradation: pH influence
    Comparative transcriptional profiling of the uterus according to stage of the estrous cycle and pregnancy status in gilts
    Comparison of CIDR-based protocols to synchronize estrus in beef heifers
    Comparison of rainfall energy and soil erosion parameters from a rainfall simulator and natural rain
    Comparison of sensory characteristics, and instrumental flavor compounds analysis of milk produced by three production methods
    Computational modeling of sensory circuitry in the nucleus tractus solitarii from arterial baroreceptor and somatosensory inputs
    Computational neural modeling at the cellular and network levels: two case studies
    Condition assessment of Kevlar composite materials using Raman spectroscopy
    Cost-benefit analysis of multisystemic therapy with serious and violent juvenile offenders
    Crooked coverage: a study of (de)racialized texts in print media