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    A factor structure with means confirmatory factor analytic approach to multitrait-multimethod models
    Factors influencing homeowners' decisions to seek residential energy efficiency knowledge
    Failure of transparent polymer composite laminated glass panels under impact loading
    Fear in the media: a comparative analysis of U. S. and British news media coverage of a terrorist threat
    Feminist Applepieville: architecture as social reform in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's fiction
    Finding pseudo families in women's prisons: fact and fantasy
    Fine-grained authorization in the Great Plains network virtual organization
    First-year composition and writing center usage
    Flashover prevention on polystyrene high voltage insulators in a vacuum
    Flexure shear response in fatigue of fiber reinforced concrete beams with FRP tensile reinforcement
    Fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis of waters from municipal waste sources
    Framing African genocide: location, time and gender in the coverage of genocide in Rwanda and Sudan
    From the margins to the majority: portrayal of hispanic immigrants in the Garden Ciy (Kan.) Telegram, 1980-2000
    A further analysis of the causal link between abortion and crime
    Fuzzified scoring of the functional assessment instrument
    Give me that old time religion: reclaiming slave religion in the future
    Golden-cheeked warbler nest success and nest predators in urban and rural landscapes
    "A good line of advertising:" the historical development of children's advertising as reflected in St. Nicholas Magazine, 1873-1905
    Gray treefrog breeding site selection and offspring performance in response to forest management
    Helical tool geometry in stability predictions and dynamic modeling of milling