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    Participatory reporting as method acting: the journalism-theatre connection
    Passive representation and the client-bureaucrat relationship: communication and demand inducement in the patient-provider relationship
    Paths to agroforestry: landowner types, land use and perceptions
    Pennies for parks: the effect of social norm theory on donation behavior in Arkansas state parks
    Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of mafic rocks in the Precambrian core of the Black Hills, South Dakota
    pH sensitive fluorescent sensors
    Photoacoustic discrimination of viable and thermally coagulated blood for burn injury imaging
    Physical and chemical attributes of a defatted soy flour meat analog
    Policy and program incentives and the adoption of agroforestry in Missouri
    Practical experiments and simulations for nuclear safeguards education
    Predator-prey interactions involving the soybean aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in Missouri
    Prescribed fire effects in Missouri Ozark upland forests
    Production of propylene oxide from propylene glycol
    Protein-protein interaction of soy protein isolate from extrusion processing
    Rapid industrial furnace thermal modeling for improved fuel efficiency
    Ratiometric techniques to determine fluid viscosity using molecular rotors
    Re-examining the effects of contribution limits on campaign expenditures in gubernatorial elections
    Reaching union families: collective identity, union advantages and the American ethos
    Resource selection by black-footed ferrets in relation to the spatial distribution of prairie dogs
    The resurgence of the moral novel in the wake of 9-11