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    A stroll through the park: evaluating the usefulness of phytolith and starch remains found on medieval sherds from Wicken, Northamptonshire, England
    Structure and synthesis of four supramolecular structures involving Cu(I) and 4,7-phenanthroline
    Students' views of careerand [sic] technical education: a qualitative study
    Studies in oral tradition: history and prospects for the future
    Subliminal priming as a task-characteristic artifact
    Swaddled in white string: breaking loose from the ties of family memory in Everything is illuminated
    Synthesis and characterization of novel phosphinimine ligand systems for potential applications in radiopharmaceuticals
    Tall fescue seed production alley cropped in a hardwood tree plantation
    A tall tower wind investigation of northwest Missouri
    Theorizing American girl
    Thoreau and eastern spiritual texts: the influence of sacred sound in the writings of Henry David Thoreau
    Transcoding transport stream mpeg2
    Two extreme cases of atmospheric blocking over Europe and North America
    The undoing of the self: an artistic exploration
    Use of different sources and rates of foliar potassium with glyphosate to overcome environmental- and management-induced K deficiency in soybeans
    Utilization of forages in beef cow-calf nutrition
    Variation in the flood tolerance of three midwestern oak species
    Vom Buch zum Film: zur Frage der Adaptation bei Sternberg, Schlöndorff und Tykwer
    We go back: antimodernism in the early Catholic Worker Movement
    What increases ad recgonition [sic]?: a content analysis to look at the impact of headlines, graphics and category on print advertising in an agricultural publication