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    Advanced feature based techniques for landmine detection using ground penetrating radar [1]
    A biologically inspired optical flow system for motion detection and object identification [1]
    Building hybrid multicast by combining IP and application layers [1]
    Clinical content tracking system: an efficient request tracking via a graphical user interface [1]
    Cognitive radios: spectrum sensing issues [1]
    Collision free path planning algorithms for robot navigation problem [1]
    Computational modeling of sensory circuitry in the nucleus tractus solitarii from arterial baroreceptor and somatosensory inputs [1]
    Computational neural modeling at the cellular and network levels: two case studies [1]
    Electromagnetic effects on soybeans [1]
    Embedded system design and power-rate-distortion optimization for video encoding under energy constraints [1]
    Fine-grained authorization in the Great Plains network virtual organization [1]
    Flashover prevention on polystyrene high voltage insulators in a vacuum [1]
    Fuzzified scoring of the functional assessment instrument [1]
    Heuristics for searching chemical structures [1]
    Improved contact design for the SiC photo-switch used in high power applications [1]
    Localization of wireless sensor networks using multidimensional scaling [1]
    Mining progressive user behavior for e-commerce using virtual reality technique [1]
    Near field microwave imaging techniques for embedded object detection and shape reconstruction [1]
    Optically triggered thyristor for capacitor discharge applications [1]
    Practical experiments and simulations for nuclear safeguards education [1]