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    Death and burial in ancient Alexandria: the Necropolis of Moustapha Pasha [1]
    Defending our place in nature: mortality salience and environmental concern [1]
    The development of electrohydraulic steering control system for off-road vehicle automatic guidance [1]
    Distance and disparity: social disadvantage and the distribution of hazardous waste in America [1]
    Dynamic models of credit ratings and default probabilities [1]
    Effect of bioprotectants on turkey sausage [1]
    High strain properties of advanced high strength spot welded steels [1]
    Improving performance for adaptive filtering with voice applications [1]
    Motive, mode and satisfaction with e-tailing sites: a technology acceptance perspective [1]
    Multi-attribute decision making: a test on the impact of data attributes dependency [1]
    Nitrification enhancement in lagoons using fixed film media [1]
    The power of advertising awards: a comparison of effectiveness between award-winning & none-award TV commercials [1]
    Processing of photosensitive PDMS for biosensing [1]
    Regional variation in protopalatial Crete?: a comparison of Minoan domestic and funerary architecture in Eastern and Central Crete [1]
    Scare tactics, ordinary consequences, and parental advice: the individualization of social problems in television anti-drug commercials [1]
    Single carrier frequency domain equalization for broadband wireless communications [1]
    The stocks paradox: what is the impact on business-news sections and business-news staff when newspapers cut stock listings? [1]
    Studies on the nucleophilic substitution reactions of a dimeric cyclopentadienone [1]
    Thermal management in GaAs/AlGaAs laser diode structures [1]
    Using conflict positioning as a pretreatment in the public's evaluation of crisis management [1]