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    Blogging for participants: framing the candidate blog for mobilization [1]
    College students' information search behavior for spring break: an exploration in the concept of specialization [1]
    Design and fabrication of one and two axis nickel electroplated micromirror array [1]
    Electrostatically actuated and bi-stable MEMS structures [1]
    Estrogen receptor [alpha] and [beta] knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature female and male mice, and aromatase knock-out effects on skeletal muscle in mature male mice [1]
    Extrusion and physicochemical properties of soy-whey protein meat analog [1]
    Fibrous soy protein meat analog from low moisture twin-screw extrusion [1]
    Income inequality within and between villages in a rural region of China [1]
    Investigating a countercyclical price level with procyclical inflation [1]
    Ketamine immunomodulation during endotoxemia [1]
    Landowner attitudes and perceptions of forest and wildlife management in rural northern Missouri [1]
    A missense mutation in Atf2 in standard poodles with fatal neonatal encephalopathy [1]
    Moses Harman: free thought, free love, and eugenics in the Midwest, 1880-1910 [1]
    National identity and nationalism in the speeches of Osama Bin Laden [1]
    An organizational analysis of internally marketed branding strategies [1]
    Prediction of optimal rumen degradable protein levels in no-roughage, corn-based feedlot diets [1]
    Robust motion estimation techniques [1]
    The role of culture in police behavior literature, 1953-2006 [1]
    Separation and identification of peptides by integrated multidimensional liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (IMDLC-MS) [1]
    Stability of rater agreement measures: the effect of shifting cell values within fixed margins [1]