Items in this collection are the scholarly output of the Department of Agricultural Economics faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • An evaluation of the logistics functions of the Chemical Specialties Division, Ralston Purina Company 

    Seltzer, Richard E. (University of Missouri--Columbia. Department of Agricultural Economics., 1973)
    This study was originally designed to examine the Chemical Specialties Division of the Ralston Purina Company and to make recommendations concerning the development of a more efficient distribution system for the products ...
  • A. B. Chance Company transportation distribution management study 

    (University of Missouri--Columbia. Department of Agricultural Economics., 1974)
    "This study was designed for the purpose of appraising present traffic and distribution management and company trucking operations and to quantitatively determine whether expansion of company trucking on a corporate-wide ...
  • Productive Missouri agriculture 

    Voss, Leonard A. (University of Missouri--Columbia., 1966)
    "Prepared by The Department of Agricultural Economics Agricultural Experiment Station University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri for The Missouri Division of Commerce and Industrial Development Jefferson City, Missouri. ...
  • Impact of a paid diversion program on milk prices in 1992 

    Bailey, Kenneth W. (University of Missouri., 1991)
    "The objective of this report is twofold. First, to outline possible producer responses to a paid milk diversion program. Second, to analyze the market implications of such a program (by quarter) for 1992."
  • The financial condition of country grain elevators in Missouri, 1984-90 

    Devino, Gary (University of Missouri, 1991)
    "Most of Missouri's country grain elevators are regulated by the state of Missouri. Regulation includes terms of trade and bonding requirements. The regulations provide protection for grain producers as they transact ...
  • Estimated impact of Canadian hog and pork imports on U.S. swine industry 

    Grimes, Glenn (University of Missouri--Columbia., 1984)
    A written testimony before the International Trade Commission, which discusses the impact of hog and pork imports from Canada on the U.S. hog production industry.
  • Women in Higher Education: Social Sciences at Land Grant Universities in the U.S. 

    Rastegari-Henneberry, Shida; Valdivia, Corinne B.; Wells, Betty Lynn, 1950- (2002-02)
    Viewed nationally, the rapid entry rate of women into higher education in the U.S. during recent decades gives gender a special place among the categories of academic diversity to consider. Over the past twenty years, the ...
  • The Economic and Social Value of Floodplain Agroforestry to Rural Development 

    Valdivia, Corinne B.; Raedeke, Andrew; Hodge, Sandra S.; Green, John J.; Godsey, Larry D., 1967- (2002-02)
    This study presents the initial findings of two research activities conducted to understand the role of stakeholders with potential influence in decisions to adopt agroforestry practices. This includes land owners, farmers, ...
  • Analysis of a Climatically Variable Production Function 

    Materer, Susan; Valdivia, Corinne B. (2002-02)
    Analysis of a small agropastoral community in Bolivia during a climatically vulnerable year, provided insight into how households diversify and change productions strategies in order to secure income and food consumption. ...
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Characteristics and Importance to Climatic Uncertainty 

    Materer, Susan; Valdivia, Corinne B.; Gilles, Jere Lee (2002-02)
    This paper details the importance of indigenous knowledge systems in developing countries around the world. Farmers, communities, and households that live in risky environments, have developed intricate systems of ...
  • Why a Well Functioning Market Generates Asymmetry of Farm and Wholesale Prices for Hogs and Pork 

    Bullock, J. Bruce, 1940- (2010-11)
    Conventional wisdom suggests that weekly prices at farm, wholesale, and retail levels should exhibit symmetry. Observation of asymmetrical price movements is submitted as evidence of the existence and use of "market power" ...
  • The Effect of Trust on Public Support for Biotechnology: Evidence from the U.S. Biotechnology Study, 1997-1998 

    James, Harvey S. (Harvey Stanley), Jr. (2002-05)
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the extent to which trust directly affects public support for biotechnology, particularly in applications to food production and genetic modification of crop plants. Unlike previous ...
  • Economic Feasibility of Impermeable Lagoon Covers 

    Massey, Raymond E., 1957-; Lazarus, Bill; Fleming, Ron; Miner, Ron; Williams, Doug; Lory, John A. (John Albert); Safley, Mac; Shanklin, Dennis (2002-04)
    This paper addresses the economic feasibility of complying with the proposed rule of “a zero discharge requirement from the production area that does not allow for an overflow under any circumstances,” presented as “Option ...
  • Finding Solutions to Ethical Problems in Agriculture 

    James, Harvey S. (Harvey Stanley), Jr. (2002-05)
    This paper distinguishes between two types of ethical problems. A Type I ethical problem is one in which there is no consensus as to what is ethical. A Type II ethical problem is one in which there is a consensus as to ...
  • Crop Basis Patterns in the Presence of Spatial Competition and Government Intervention 

    Parcell, Joseph L. (2002-05)
    This study analyzes the effect of the Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP) program, established under the Federal Agriculture Improvement Reform (FAIR) act of 1996, on corn and soybean basis pattern patterns in Missouri. Additionally, ...
  • Emerging IP Markets: The Tokyo Grain Exchange Non-GMO Soybean Contract 

    Parcell, Joseph L. (2002-05)
    This research provides an overview of the development of the Tokyo Grain Exchange non-GMO soybean contract as an identity preserved futures contract. The development of this contract is unique, relative to the development ...
  • Cash Ethanol Cross-Hedging Opportunities 

    Franken, Jason R. V.; Parcell, Joseph L. (2002)
    Increased use of alternative fuels and low commodity prices have contributed to the recent expansion of the US ethanol industry. As with any competitive industry, there exists some level of output price risk in the form ...
  • An Empirical Investigation of Live Hog Demand 

    Parcell, Joseph L.; Mintert, James R.; Plain, Ronald L. (2002)
    An inverse live hog demand model was estimated to analyze claims that the live hog own quantity demand flexibility's magnitude has increased in recent years. A second objective of this research was to estimate the impact ...
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Demand for Wholesale Pork Primals: Seasonality and Structural Change 

    Parcell, Joseph L. (2002)
    A set of inverse wholesale pork primal demand models are estimated to determine the own-quantity flexibility, to ascertain seasonal price fluctuations, and to examine whether the flexibilities change in absolute magnitude ...
  • Performance Evaluation of the U.S. Hog Slaughter Industry 

    Bullock, J. Bruce, 1940- (2003-05)
    CConventional wisdom holds that a small and decreasing number of hog slaughter firms are using their �market power� to take advantage of U.S. hog producers. Existing studies have simply calculated industry concentration ...

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