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    Examining social class privilege and perceived career options in adolescent white women : a qualitative study
    Explaining consumers' channel-switching behavior using the theory of planned behavior
    Explorations of geometric combinatorics in vector spaces over finite fields
    The expression and correlations of repressors, intermediaries, and end-products of the IGF1 and insulin signaling pathways within the hepatic and reproductive tissues of holstein cattle h [electronic resource]
    Extension theorems in vector spaces over finite fields
    Extracellular ATP, apyrase and nodulation of non-legumes
    The face of what came after : memorialization of September 11 in news images and the Shanksville site
    Factors impacting teacher efficacy in policy implementation : the case of the reading first initiative
    Factors influencing Chinese electronics engineers' selection of information sources
    Faith behind bars : the social ecology of religion and deviance in the penitentiary
    The family farm in the post-World War II era : industrialization, the cold war and political symbol
    FDI and economic growth : the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization
    The ferroelectric plasma thruster
    Finding the cost of freedom : academic freedom discourse as it pertains to the part-time instructor in higher education
    Fire risk assessment of the western portion of the central hardwoods forest region
    Fiscal sustainability in the light of aging trend : finding the patterns among aged OECD countries
    Francis Wayland : Christian America-liberal America
    Freshmen college students with and without asthma : predictors of changes in smoking during the first semester
    Functional characterization of two putative mobile elements of the 'Mycoplasma mycoides cluster'
    Functional studies of hCTR1, a high affinity human copper and cisplatin transporter