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    Post-angioplasty restenosis : the effects of exercise training
    Pricing the residential housing of Shanghai and Shenzhen
    Product differentiation and the role of contracts : the US pork industry case
    A production theory application to modeling Korean beef import demand
    Professional identity and curricular construction : a study of teacher interaction with mathematics curricula of two types
    A profile analysis of diagnostic data from college students experiencing math difficulty
    Protein processing strategies by adeno-associated virus type 5 (AAV5) and the effects of the adenovirus E4orf6/E1b-55k/Cullin 5 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex on AAV protein stability
    El proyecto de nación en la narrativa de Juana Manuela Gorriti: diferencias y similitudes con las propuestas de echeverría, sarmiento y mármol
    Quality indicators for evaluating distance education programs at community colleges
    A quantitative and qualitative inquiry into classroom incivility in higher education
    Radionuclide production for radioisotope micro-power source technologies
    Re-matriculation in the studio arts : what are the perceptions of mid-life non-traditional students in graduate fine arts?
    Re/presenting traditions: identity, power, and politics in folklife programming
    Reality TV and interpersonal relationship perceptions
    Recommendations for tree establishment in tall fescue-based silvopasture
    Reconstructing gender, personal narrative, and performance at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
    Refresh : examining the production of celebrity news in an online environment
    Regulation of ceramide synthase 1 in cellular stress response
    Regulation of plant development in Arabidopsis
    The relationship among principal leadership, school culture, and student achievement in Missouri middle schools