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    Shaping a true German identity : narratives in Hermann, Missouri, 1837-1857 [1]
    Short and long-term effects of birth weight and neonatal medical complications on children's emotional and behavioral outcomes [1]
    The significance of walking speed in physical function among a group of community dwelling older adults [1]
    Single-molecule investigation and nanopore-integrated biochip [1]
    The social nature of an online community of practice for learning to teach [1]
    Social skill in the workplace : what is social skill and how does it matter? [1]
    The socioeconomic and cultural significance of food gardening in the Vladimir Region of Russia [1]
    South Korean parents' goals, knowledge, practices, and needs regarding music education for young children [1]
    Spatially adaptive priors for regression and spatial modeling [1]
    Spatially resolved and bulk zinc analysis in biological samples of patients at different stages of Alzheimer's disease by high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry [1]
    A statewide evaluation of gifted education in Missouri [1]
    Stepping up, stepping back, being pushed, and stepping away : the process of making treatment decisions for children with cancer by parents who no longer live together [1]
    Still life with rooms people live in [1]
    A study of international baccalaureate science teachers' choices in curriculum and instruction [1]
    Study of surface wave methods for deep shear wave velocity profiling applied in the upper Mississippi embayment [1]
    A study of why a select group of African American students persisted to baccalaureate attainment [1]
    A study on the relationship of death anxiety and the completion of advance directives for oncology social workers [1]
    Subgroup disproportionality in special education in a single district [1]
    Sympathetic control of the collateral circulation : effects of time post-occlusion and exercise training [1]
    The synthesis and characterization of 1,1'-disubstituted ferrocene imine Schiff base ligand systems for use as potential environmental heavy metal cationic sensors [1]