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    A study of international baccalaureate science teachers' choices in curriculum and instruction
    Study of surface wave methods for deep shear wave velocity profiling applied in the upper Mississippi embayment
    A study of why a select group of African American students persisted to baccalaureate attainment
    A study on the relationship of death anxiety and the completion of advance directives for oncology social workers
    Subgroup disproportionality in special education in a single district
    Sympathetic control of the collateral circulation : effects of time post-occlusion and exercise training
    The synthesis and characterization of 1,1'-disubstituted ferrocene imine Schiff base ligand systems for use as potential environmental heavy metal cationic sensors
    Synthesis and evaluation of [105]Rhodium (III) complexes of phosphine chelate systems
    Team communication and collaboration in hospice pain management
    Technology use, cooperation, and organizational learning in patient safety reporting
    Theoretial [sic] analysis of oscillating motion, heat transfer, minimum meniscus radius and charging procedure in an oscillating heat pipe
    Three essays in regional economic modeling
    Three essays on the potential economic impacts of biotech crops in the presence of asynchronous regulatory approval
    Topics in objective bayesian methodology and spatio-temporal models
    Toroidalization of locally toroidal morphisms
    Towards an examination and expansion of the agenda setting theory : did the media matter in Kenya's presidential election, 2007?
    Transformational leadership and its correlation to the effective placement of completers of area career centers in the State of Missouri
    Two aspects of peripheral immune tolerance : systemic and mucosal tolerance mechanisms
    Two paths to advanced placement calculus : an examination of secondary students' mathematical understanding emerging from integrated and single-subject curricula
    The type I IFN of Bos taurus