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    Academic advising in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources: an investigation of undergraduate students' needs and faculty performance
    Academic motivation, mathematics achievement, and the school context: building achievement models using TIMSS 2003
    Adoption of nutrient management practices
    Alcohol induced histone acetylation mediated by histone acetyl transferase GCN5 in liver
    Algebraic resolution of formal ideals along a valuation
    Alternative RNA processing and strategies to modulate splicing
    American exceptionalism, missionary politics, and the religious impulse in contemporary foreign policy attitudes
    Amyloid beta induces cPLA2 activation by an NADPH oxidase-dependent mechanism in neurons
    Analysis of alternative care placement changes as provided by case managers
    An analysis of aspartic peptidases expressed by trophoblasts and placenta of even-toed ungulates
    Analysis of cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning in winter convection
    Analysis of creative and effective teaching behaviors ofuniversity [sic] instructors
    An analysis of the State
    An analysis of transfer student success utilizing an initial college choice-persistence Nexus model
    Analyzing how grade four teachers plan to teach inquiry-based curriculum materials and the influences on their preparation of mathematics lessons
    Applications of fourier analysis to intersection bodies
    Architects and the design of ordinary single-family houses in the United States: the American Institute of Architects and the Architects' Small House Service Bureau
    The art of recoverying: benchmarking and identity salvaging among injured athletes
    Assistive technology selection in technology-rich and technology-limited schools : an exploratory study of IEP decision making
    Associations between Wolbachia, maize and Diabrotica virgifera virgifera