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    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies
    Effect of colostral administration practices on serum immunoglobulin concentration in dairy calves
    Effective teacher leadership : a quantitative study of the relationship between school structures and effective teacher leaders
    The effectiveness of a targeted Title I pre-kindergarten program
    Effects of exchange rate changes on investment : a study with U.S. firm level panel data
    The effects of practice and working-practice homework on the math achievement of elementary school students showing varying levels of math performance
    Effects of spin current in ferromagnets
    The effects of toll-like receptor ligand-activated dendritic cells on human CD4⁺T cell responses
    Empirical analysis of household consumption behavior
    An empirical assessment of the political and gendered consequences of economic sanctions
    Energy price uncertainty, energy intensity and firm-level investment
    Essays on applied econometrics : applications of the futures markets and the international tourism demand
    The estimation of a corporate crisis communication based on perceived CEO's leadership, perceived severity of threats, and preceived opposing public's size
    Evaluating flood tolerance measures for Missouri oak species
    Evaluation of the impact of participation in the T.E.S.T. examination preparation program on elementary education teacher candidate C-BASE and PRAXIS-II performance
    An evaluation of the relationship of nursing school administrators' leadership frame orientation to faculty perceptions of job satisfaction and leadership effectiveness
    An evaluation study of an alternative middle school at-risk program
    Evidence of servant leadership in professional learning communities
    The evolutionary significance of developmental plasticity in the communication system of Neoconocephalus triops (Orthoptera: tettigoniidae)
    An evolving district level induction program for special education teachers