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    The face of what came after : memorialization of September 11 in news images and the Shanksville site [1]
    Factors impacting teacher efficacy in policy implementation : the case of the reading first initiative [1]
    Factors influencing Chinese electronics engineers' selection of information sources [1]
    Faith behind bars : the social ecology of religion and deviance in the penitentiary [1]
    The family farm in the post-World War II era : industrialization, the cold war and political symbol [1]
    FDI and economic growth : the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization [1]
    The ferroelectric plasma thruster [1]
    Finding the cost of freedom : academic freedom discourse as it pertains to the part-time instructor in higher education [1]
    Fire risk assessment of the western portion of the central hardwoods forest region [1]
    Fiscal sustainability in the light of aging trend : finding the patterns among aged OECD countries [1]
    Francis Wayland : Christian America-liberal America [1]
    Freshmen college students with and without asthma : predictors of changes in smoking during the first semester [1]
    Functional characterization of two putative mobile elements of the 'Mycoplasma mycoides cluster' [1]
    Functional studies of hCTR1, a high affinity human copper and cisplatin transporter [1]
    Gas phase conversion of sugars to C3 chemicals [1]
    Gene therapy in spinal muscular atrophy : RNA-based strategies to modulate the pre-mRNA splicing of survival motor neuron [1]
    Giving voice : the use of interactive theatre as professional development in higher education to reduce alienation of marginalized groups [1]
    Growth and volatility in inter- and intra-national data [1]
    Gut feelings and goal pursuit : a path to self-concordance [1]
    Healing the frontier : Catholic sisters, hospitals, and medicine men in the Wisconsin Big Woods, 1880-1920 [1]