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    Healing the frontier : Catholic sisters, hospitals, and medicine men in the Wisconsin Big Woods, 1880-1920
    High valent uranium dioxo and imido complexes : synthesis and structure
    Hormonal regulation of innate immune responses and toll-like receptors in the human endometrium
    Identification of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) socialization variable clusters that predict private midwestern college persistence
    Identities on the line : youth, internet use, and citizenship in Kyrgyzstan
    Immunotherapy for autoimmune diabetes
    The impact of a media literacy intervention on the effects of exposure to conventional and novel thin-ideal media : immediate effects and two-week follow-up
    The impact of a teacher induction program on student achievement and the development of the five states of mind
    The implementation impact of continuous quality improvement (CQI) on teacher perceptions of CQI categories
    Implications of increased graduation requirements for students in schools of southeast Missouri
    Implications of stress and coping mechanisms in the superintendency
    The importance of undergraduate's computer competency and information literacy skills : marketing faculty's perspectives in Thailand
    In Sullivan's shadow : the use and abuse of libel law during the Civil Rights Movement
    In vitro synovial fibrochondrogenesis for meniscal tissue engineering
    Incidental take and endangered species demography
    Inflammation and hypoxia : novel regulators of mammalian copper homeostasis in macrophages
    Insights into phototropic signaling : a study of the unusual attributes of a hyper-phototropic mutant
    Institutional influences affecting the college-going decisions of low-income mothers attending a rural midwestern community college
    Integrated management of the invasive weed, cut-leaved teasel (Dipsacus laciniatus L.) along a Missouri highways
    Interaction of RNA polymerase II and the RNA silencing machinery in heterochromatin formation of Drosophila