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    The January party [1]
    Japanese and U. S. mothers' concerns and experts' advice : content analyses of mothers' questions on online message boards and experts' advice in parenting magazines [1]
    Job search self-efficacy of east Asian international graduate students [1]
    The kinetics of non-catalyzed supercritical water reforming of ethanol [1]
    Knowledge discovery and data mining from freeway section traffic data [1]
    Knowledge representation and exchange of visual patterns using semantic abstractions [1]
    Knowledge-driven multidimensional indexing for content-based information retrieval [1]
    Landscape and inchannel factors affecting the distribution and abundance of riverine smallmouth bass in Missouri [1]
    Large scale CpG island methylation profiling of small B cell lymphoma [1]
    Leadership, communication, and teamwork : differences between high and low performing nursing homes [1]
    Learning styles and online participation of practicing teachers in an online support group : a mixed method study of the influence of learning styles on online participation, conceptual change, and perceptions of problem solving and support [1]
    Leonard Stöckel: docta pietas in the service of Lutheran reform [1]
    Life after work : identity, communication, and retirement [1]
    Life and war in Korea : photographic portrayals of the Korean War in Life magazine, July 1950 - August 1953 [1]
    Little bits and pieces : the process of revealing sexual information in close mother-daughter relationships [1]
    Magazines targeting young men : men's objectification of and attitudes toward women [1]
    Magnetoresistance in semiconductor-metal hybrids for power applications [1]
    Manganese nutrition and photosynthesis in NAD-malic enzyme C-4 plants [1]
    Mating systems in Nicotiana longiflora and N. Plumbaginifolia : the effect of interspecific interactions [1]
    Media performance and democratic rule in East Africa : agenda setting and agenda building influences on public attitudes [1]