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    Pain and function in knee osteoarthritis : are they related to local intrinsic factors? [1]
    Pattern recognition based microsimulation calibration and innovative traffic representations [1]
    The perceived influence of the STARR teacher program on professional growth of program participants and subsequent career roles [1]
    Perceived relation of adult community college students between quality of effort and outcome gains : adult students at one community college [1]
    Perceptions and behaviors that encourage or impede advancement or attainment of leadership positions in higher education by Muslim women wearing hijab [1]
    Peroxynitrite, pumps and perivascular adipose tissue : studies across the physiological spectrum [1]
    The phenomenal brain : making room for a phenomenal-neural type identity theory of phenomenal consciousness [1]
    A phenomenological study of new adult readers' participation in a community reading program [1]
    Phenotypically different cells in the nucleus of the solitary tract : expression of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors and activation by baroreflexes [1]
    Philosophical intuitions -- philosophical analysis [1]
    Point target interferometry as applied to the characterization of localized deformation features [1]
    Pollen-pistil interactions in nicotiana [1]
    Polyurethane foams from novel soy-based polyols [1]
    Post-angioplasty restenosis : the effects of exercise training [1]
    Pricing the residential housing of Shanghai and Shenzhen [1]
    Product differentiation and the role of contracts : the US pork industry case [1]
    A production theory application to modeling Korean beef import demand [1]
    Professional identity and curricular construction : a study of teacher interaction with mathematics curricula of two types [1]
    A profile analysis of diagnostic data from college students experiencing math difficulty [1]
    Protein processing strategies by adeno-associated virus type 5 (AAV5) and the effects of the adenovirus E4orf6/E1b-55k/Cullin 5 E3 ubiquitin ligase complex on AAV protein stability [1]