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    Radionuclide production for radioisotope micro-power source technologies
    Re-matriculation in the studio arts : what are the perceptions of mid-life non-traditional students in graduate fine arts?
    Re/presenting traditions: identity, power, and politics in folklife programming
    Reality TV and interpersonal relationship perceptions
    Recommendations for tree establishment in tall fescue-based silvopasture
    Reconstructing gender, personal narrative, and performance at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival
    Refresh : examining the production of celebrity news in an online environment
    Regulation of ceramide synthase 1 in cellular stress response
    Regulation of plant development in Arabidopsis
    The relationship among principal leadership, school culture, and student achievement in Missouri middle schools
    The relationship between accountability mandates, school leadership, and school improvement: exploring the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on one school's efforts to bring about and sustain reform
    The relationship between cultural identification, emotional regulation, mental health and tobacco use and Native Americans
    The relationships of organizational web site information and job seeker characteristics with perceptions of and attraction to the organization
    Retention of early career teachers engaged in Missouri's career education mentoring program
    The role of genetic and phenotypic diversity in maize and its effects on aflatoxin accumulation by the fungus Aspergillus flavus
    Role of non-hypophototropic hypocotyl[3] (NPH[3]) in regulation of phototropism in Arabidopsis
    The role of the Troops to Teachers program as participants transition into the classroom
    Role of transmembrane protein strabismus in motor neuron migration in the zebrafish hindbrain
    Ruin nation : antiquarian objects and political narratives in the long eighteenth century
    Scale and stability analysis of selected atmospheric blocking events