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    Scale and stability analysis of selected atmospheric blocking events
    Second-order change at Mark Twain Elementary : an action research study
    Sections of complex convex bodies
    The semiaquatic heteroptera (Gerromorpha) of Thailand : faunistics, biogeography and phylogeography
    Semiparametric analysis of multivariate longitudinal data
    Shaping a true German identity : narratives in Hermann, Missouri, 1837-1857
    Short and long-term effects of birth weight and neonatal medical complications on children's emotional and behavioral outcomes
    The significance of walking speed in physical function among a group of community dwelling older adults
    Single-molecule investigation and nanopore-integrated biochip
    The social nature of an online community of practice for learning to teach
    Social skill in the workplace : what is social skill and how does it matter?
    The socioeconomic and cultural significance of food gardening in the Vladimir Region of Russia
    South Korean parents' goals, knowledge, practices, and needs regarding music education for young children
    Spatially adaptive priors for regression and spatial modeling
    Spatially resolved and bulk zinc analysis in biological samples of patients at different stages of Alzheimer's disease by high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
    A statewide evaluation of gifted education in Missouri
    Stepping up, stepping back, being pushed, and stepping away : the process of making treatment decisions for children with cancer by parents who no longer live together
    Still life with rooms people live in
    A study of international baccalaureate science teachers' choices in curriculum and instruction
    Study of surface wave methods for deep shear wave velocity profiling applied in the upper Mississippi embayment