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    Technology use, cooperation, and organizational learning in patient safety reporting [1]
    Theoretial [sic] analysis of oscillating motion, heat transfer, minimum meniscus radius and charging procedure in an oscillating heat pipe [1]
    Three essays in regional economic modeling [1]
    Three essays on the potential economic impacts of biotech crops in the presence of asynchronous regulatory approval [1]
    Topics in objective bayesian methodology and spatio-temporal models [1]
    Toroidalization of locally toroidal morphisms [1]
    Towards an examination and expansion of the agenda setting theory : did the media matter in Kenya's presidential election, 2007? [1]
    Transformational leadership and its correlation to the effective placement of completers of area career centers in the State of Missouri [1]
    Two aspects of peripheral immune tolerance : systemic and mucosal tolerance mechanisms [1]
    Two paths to advanced placement calculus : an examination of secondary students' mathematical understanding emerging from integrated and single-subject curricula [1]
    The type I IFN of Bos taurus [1]
    Urban Mongolia : an integrative culturally-sensitive sustainability-focused design + planning framework for ger districts [1]
    Using and coming to own : a left-proprietarian treatment of the just use and appropration of common resources [1]
    Using theory of reasoned action (TRA) in understanding selection and use of information resources : an information resource selection and use model [1]
    A utilization-focused evaluation of institutional persistence and withdrawal in an academic unit [1]
    Utilization-focused evaluation of the program evaluation process of a Missouri school district [1]
    Vasubandhu's consciousness trilogy: a Yogacara Buddhist process idealism [1]
    Volume change and swelling pressure of expansive clay in the crystalline swelling regime [1]
    Wealth accumulation differences between wage-earning and entrepreneurial families : the role of active saving behavior [1]
    Wildlife response to spatial and temporal changes in forest habitat [1]