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    Alternative RNA processing and strategies to modulate splicing [1]
    American exceptionalism, missionary politics, and the religious impulse in contemporary foreign policy attitudes [1]
    Amyloid beta induces cPLA2 activation by an NADPH oxidase-dependent mechanism in neurons [1]
    The art of recoverying : benchmarking and identity salvaging among injured athletes [1]
    Bayesian hierarchical models for the recognition-memory experiments [1]
    Bayesian spatial analysis with application to the Missouri Ozark Forest ecosystem project [1]
    Biodistribution of lead, arsenic, and gold nanoparticles following respiratory, oral and IV exposure of rats and swine [1]
    Biracial children's psychosocial development from kindergarten to fifth grade : links to individual and contextual characteristics [1]
    A case study of leadership behaviors in a high poverty successful school [1]
    Characterization of an in vitro neural stem cell niche with educational component : stem cells and society [1]
    A comparison of embedded links and question links in cognitive flexibility hypertext (CFH) learning environments for problem solving in engineering ethics [1]
    A cross-sectional study of engineering majors' self-efficacy [1]
    Development of novel bionanocomposite scaffolds [1]
    Effects of spin current in ferromagnets [1]
    Empirical analysis of household consumption behavior [1]
    An empirical assessment of the political and gendered consequences of economic sanctions [1]
    Energy price uncertainty, energy intensity and firm-level investment [1]
    Essays on applied econometrics : applications of the futures markets and the international tourism demand [1]
    Extracellular ATP, apyrase and nodulation of non-legumes [1]
    FDI and economic growth : the role of stock market liberalization and trade liberalization [1]