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    Assistive technology selection in technology-rich and technology-limited schools : an exploratory study of IEP decision making [1]
    Budgeting charity : a historical perspective on the Kansas Orphans' Home [1]
    The communication and management of career change : a study of individuals' experiences or the social process of voluntary downward career change in Singapore [1]
    Determinants that govern alternative splicing of the large intron of minute virus of mice p4-generated PRE-mRNA [1]
    The development of online self-regulated learning model and initial validation of human interaction component of online self-regulated learning [1]
    Dichotomy theorems for evolution equations [1]
    Discovery of epitopes governing MMP-12 specificity for fibrillar substrates : BINDSIght, a method for determining specific sites of substrate surface interactions [1]
    Dynamic study of the piezo-driven pipettes in intracytoplasmic sperm injection [1]
    The effect of civil society on governance and institutional performance in third- and fourth-Wave democracies [1]
    An evolving district level induction program for special education teachers [1]
    The expression and correlations of repressors, intermediaries, and end-products of the IGF1 and insulin signaling pathways within the hepatic and reproductive tissues of holstein cattle h [electronic resource] [1]
    The impact of a media literacy intervention on the effects of exposure to conventional and novel thin-ideal media : immediate effects and two-week follow-up [1]
    Learning styles and online participation of practicing teachers in an online support group : a mixed method study of the influence of learning styles on online participation, conceptual change, and perceptions of problem solving and support [1]
    Missouri higher education reform : moving up on the public policy agenda [1]
    The Missouri Multicultural Counseling Interests (MMCI) Scale : factor analysis, validation, and reliability [1]
    Pollen-pistil interactions in nicotiana [1]
    Post-angioplasty restenosis : the effects of exercise training [1]
    A production theory application to modeling Korean beef import demand [1]
    The relationship between accountability mandates, school leadership, and school improvement: exploring the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on one school's efforts to bring about and sustain reform [1]
    The relationship between cultural identification, emotional regulation, mental health and tobacco use and Native Americans [1]