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    Choosing your own adventure: hyperlinks and their effects on memory
    College students ethical perceptions on buying counterfeit products
    Compact oscillating heat pipe and development of fuzzy copper or wicking structures
    Compact power conditioning and RF systems for a high power RF source
    Comparative study of type 2 median crossovers and median u-turns
    Comparison and development of hurricane electrical power system damage models
    Comparison of controlled internal drug release (CIDR)-based protocols to synchronize estrus and facilitate artificial insemination (AI) in postpartum beef cows
    Comparison of thermoregulatory mechanisms in heat sensitive and tolerant breeds of Bos taurus cattle
    Conceptualizing the ultimate punishment in China: a political, cultural, and historical analysis of the death penalty in communist China, 1949-2007
    Content extraction, analysis, and retrieval for plant visual traits studies
    The contribution of titin to striated muscle shortening
    Covering the bases: variations in the arguments to justify publicly-funded baseball stadiums
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods
    The crisis autobiography: Augustine, Rousseau, and Wordsworth
    Cultural values reflected within Chinese children's stories
    Cultural values, emotions and information: a comparison of webpages from two culturally different countries
    Daily alcohol use and relationship functioning in young adult romantic relationships
    Deaf identity, motherhood and transforming normalcy: an ethnographic challenge to disability studies' treatment of personal experience narratives
    Decision support for slope construction and repair activities: an asset management building block
    Design and construction of helmholtz coil for biomagnetic studies on soybean