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    Factors influencing households' demand for life insurance
    Fathers, mothers, members, and outsiders: analysis of social power and authority relations in the Peoples Temple and the Church Universal and Triumphant
    Fatty acid variation between forage species and within populations and fatty acid content of beef finished on pasture with different forage species
    Feasibility of the nintendo Ds for teaching problem-based learning in kindergarten through twelfth grade students
    Federal policy on agriculture under the Reagan administration: the first year
    Feed intake component of fescue toxicosis during short-term exposure to thermoneutral and heat stress conditions
    Feeding studies of dietary diacylglycerol oil in normal and lipoprotein lipase-deficient cats
    Fertilizer effects on soil pH, soil nutrients, and nutrient uptake in swamp white and pin oak seedlings on an alkaline Missouri River bottomland
    Fever and pyrexia with verification of thermisters in dogs
    Flow and heat transfer properties of Mono Craters rhyolites: effects of temperature, water content, and crystallinity
    For whom does participation matter and why?: the earnings of former college athletes
    Forced convection in nanofluids over a flat plate
    Fore ðære mærðe mod astige: two new perspectives on the Old English Gifts of men
    Forgetting in short term memory: the effect of time
    A formal evaluation of storm type versus storm motion
    Full similarity-based page ranking
    Functional morphology of the anthropoid talocrural joint
    Functional outcome and self-perceived overall health status following surgery to remove primary brain tumor
    Gatekeeping and international datelines in the American newspaper: the decision process
    Gender, leadership and public relations