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    Identification, characterization, and management of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp (Amaranthus rudis sauer.) in Missouri [1]
    The identity and objectification of personal trainers [1]
    The ideological gap: behavioral trends of the politically active, 1976-2004 [1]
    An impact analysis on how biodiesel demand affects the fats and oils market [1]
    The impact of fuel ethanol on motor gasoline market: modeling through a system of structural equations [1]
    The implicit function theorem for Lipschitz functions and applications [1]
    Inactivation of wild type bacillus spores in a soy meat analog model by extrusion cooking [1]
    Influence of streambed substrate type and watershed properties on seston algal abundance [1]
    An integrated model of cross docking [1]
    An integrated stock assignment model for a warehouse fast picking area [1]
    Internal colonialism and social control in the Age of Terror: the FBI's war on Islamic charities following the September 11th Attacks of 2001 [1]
    Interplanting of a deficient soybean stand [1]
    Interviews with founders of twenty-four-hour local cable news channels: why and how they started the business [1]
    Intra-nacc adenosine and its role in mediating palatable food intake: interactions with striatal opioids [1]
    Investigative study of long-term packaging effects and donor characteristics on acellular dermis scaffolds [1]
    Iron, wine, and a woman named Lucy: landscapes of memory in St. James, Missouri [1]
    Is maturing out of problematic alcohol involvement related to personality change? [1]
    Kosovo's developing free press: how do newspapers in a transitioning society behave under international supervision and what role do they play in local elections? [1]
    Laboratory load tests of side shear for axially loaded piles [1]
    Laramide stress conditions and deformation mechanisms during the formation of Hudson and Dallas Domes, Lander Quadrangle, Wind River Mountains, Lander, Wyoming [1]