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    Kosovo's developing free press : how do newspapers in a transitioning society behave under international supervision and what role do they play in local elections? [1]
    Laboratory load tests of side shear for axially loaded piles [1]
    Laramide stress conditions and deformation mechanisms during the formation of Hudson and Dallas Domes, Lander Quadrangle, Wind River Mountains, Lander, Wyoming [1]
    Laser target triggering of gas switches [1]
    The late choral works of Igor Stravinsky: a reception history [1]
    Latinos in Missouri : the media role in the acculturation process [1]
    Left behind : a textual analysis of media frames from national tv journalists covering Hurricane Katrina's evacuation centers [1]
    Lord Byron's critique of despotism and militarism in the Russian Cantos of Don Juan [1]
    Low loss film bulk acoustic resonator in liquid environments [1]
    Luxury marketing : the impact of motivations as psychological forces on attitudes toward luxury restaurants [1]
    Mass for chorus, chamber orchestra, and soloists [1]
    Media framing and conflict : a content analysis of the South Korean hostage case [1]
    Mere shadows of human forms: intersections of body and adaptation theories in six screen versions of Jane Eyre [1]
    Methodology for quantifying wetland landscape parameters for highway right of way decisions utilizing GIS [1]
    Microbial pathogen contamination in mouse gametes and embryos [1]
    The military versus the press : Japanese military controls over one U.S. journalist, John B. Powell, in Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese war, 1937-1941 [1]
    A mixed model for variance of successive difference of stationary time series : modeling temporal instability in intensive longitudinal data [1]
    Modeling the behavior of a homopolar motor [1]
    Molecular characterization of genetic resistance to soybean cyst nematode in soybean line SS97-6946 [1]
    Motivations and impression management : predictors of social networking site use and user behavior [1]