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    Objects of affection [1]
    Observed positive and negative behaviors in children: relation to anxiety and depression symptoms [1]
    On the relationship between generalized covariance union and the minimal enclosing ellipsoid problem [1]
    Optically enhanced nano-forest cathodes [1]
    Optimization of a software-only H.264 encoder [1]
    Optimization of electromagnetic acoustic transducers for nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures [1]
    Optimizing crop N use efficiency using polymer-coated urea and other N fertilizer sources across landscapes with claypan soils [1]
    The origins of Muslim prayer : sixth and seventh century religious influences on the salat ritual [1]
    Overstory density and its effect on oak regeneration abundance and oak understory height growth in the Missouri Ozark Highlands [1]
    Painting the wine-dark sea : traveling Aegean fresco artists in the Middle and late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean [1]
    Patterns of local mobility in an Iban community of West Kalimantan, Indonesia [1]
    The perceived difficulties, training needs, job satisfaction, and intention to leave of expatriate hotel professionals working in mainland China [1]
    The perceived role of personal social identity in the promotion of arthritis self-management programs [1]
    The perceptions held by FFA members of employability skill development associated with agriculture career development events [1]
    Perceptions of employers of graduates of the Agricultural Systems Management Program regarding skills and competencies needed for successful employment [1]
    Perceptions of secondary agriculture teachers and 4-H youth development extension personnel regarding cooperative behavior [1]
    Personal growth and personality development : well-being and ego development [1]
    Phenolics in red wine pomace and their potential application in animal and human health [1]
    Phenotypic modulation of vascular smooth muscle cells : evidence for a role of the G protein-coupled P2y2 receptor [1]
    Physiological traits underlying differences in salt tolerance among glycine species [1]