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    Advanced guidance algorithms for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle [1]
    Amino-terminal sequences of the bacillus anthracis exosporium proteins BCLA and BCLB important for localization and attachment to the spore surface [1]
    Analysis of landscape characteristics surrounding deer vehicle accidents in St. Louis County, Missouri [1]
    Analysis of twenty-five years of heavy rainfall events in the Texas Hill Country [1]
    Anti-fog coatings using the super-hydrophobic approach [1]
    Aptamer encoded nanopores as single molecule sensors [1]
    A banished Adam : Mark Twain and the father of the human race [1]
    Between the Eagle and the Bear : coverage of U.S. - Russian foreign policy disputes in Russian ethnic media in the U.S. [1]
    Body composition comparison : bioelectric impedance analysis with DXA in adult athletes [1]
    Can public relations professionals help span the boundaries between scientists and journalists, and does this function help increase accuracy of news articles about public health? [1]
    Castles in America : their diffusion in the northeastern United States during the Romantic Era (1870-1930) [1]
    Causes of the noun bias in early vocabulary development [1]
    Choosing your own adventure : hyperlinks and their effects on memory [1]
    College students ethical perceptions on buying counterfeit products [1]
    Compact oscillating heat pipe and development of fuzzy copper or wicking structures [1]
    Compact power conditioning and RF systems for a high power RF source [1]
    Comparative study of type 2 median crossovers and median u-turns [1]
    Comparison and development of hurricane electrical power system damage models [1]
    Comparison of controlled internal drug release (CIDR)-based protocols to synchronize estrus and facilitate artificial insemination (AI) in postpartum beef cows [1]
    Comparison of thermoregulatory mechanisms in heat sensitive and tolerant breeds of Bos taurus cattle [1]