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    Advanced guidance algorithms for the Ares V cargo launch vehicle
    Amino-terminal sequences of the bacillus anthracis exosporium proteins BCLA and BCLB important for localization and attachment to the spore surface
    Analysis of landscape characteristics surrounding deer vehicle accidents in St. Louis County, Missouri
    Analysis of twenty-five years of heavy rainfall events in the Texas Hill Country
    Anti-fog coatings using the super-hydrophobic approach
    Aptamer encoded nanopores as single molecule sensors
    A banished Adam: Mark Twain and the father of the human race
    Between the Eagle and the Bear: coverage of U.S. - Russian foreign policy disputes in Russian ethnic media in the U.S.
    Body composition comparison: bioelectric impedance analysis with DXA in adult athletes
    Can public relations professionals help span the boundaries between scientists and journalists, and does this function help increase accuracy of news articles about public health?
    Castles in America: their diffusion in the northeastern United States during the Romantic Era (1870-1930)
    Causes of the noun bias in early vocabulary development
    Choosing your own adventure: hyperlinks and their effects on memory
    College students ethical perceptions on buying counterfeit products
    Compact oscillating heat pipe and development of fuzzy copper or wicking structures
    Compact power conditioning and RF systems for a high power RF source
    Comparative study of type 2 median crossovers and median u-turns
    Comparison and development of hurricane electrical power system damage models
    Comparison of controlled internal drug release (CIDR)-based protocols to synchronize estrus and facilitate artificial insemination (AI) in postpartum beef cows
    Comparison of thermoregulatory mechanisms in heat sensitive and tolerant breeds of Bos taurus cattle