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    Agenda-setting effects of television news coverage on perceptions of corporate reputation
    Amending the American flag: artistic liberties in the nineteen sixties and seventies
    Bounded rationality for BitTorrent networks
    The canvas as her stage: Emma Hamilton's use of her attitudes in portraiture
    Conceptualizing the ultimate punishment in China: a political, cultural, and historical analysis of the death penalty in communist China, 1949-2007
    Deaf identity, motherhood and transforming normalcy: an ethnographic challenge to disability studies' treatment of personal experience narratives
    Development of a large-scale traffic simulation model for hurricane evacuation: a case study of Virginia's Hampton Roads region
    The effect of brand name congruity and product category on consumers' attitudes toward brand names
    Effects of weigh-bearing and non-weight bearing exercise on markers of bone turnover during short-term weigh loss in overweight premenopausal women
    Evaluation of novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities for treatment of canine pulmonary hypertension
    Ex situ variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on chemical vapor deposited boron-doped diamond films: layered structure and modeling aspects
    Examining the provision of child care subsidies across Missouri counties: the relationship between local dynamics and CCDF subsidy supply
    For whom does participation matter and why?: the earnings of former college athletes
    Horizontal zinc oxide nanomaterials growth and their application for surface enhanced raman scattering
    The identity and objectification of personal trainers
    Investigative study of long-term packaging effects and donor characteristics on acellular dermis scaffolds
    Low loss film bulk acoustic resonator in liquid environments
    Luxury marketing: the impact of motivations as psychological forces on attitudes toward luxury restaurants
    Media framing and conflict: a content analysis of the South Korean hostage case
    Optimization of a software-only H.264 encoder