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    Investigation of static interfacial fracture in orthotropic-orthotropic composite bimaterials using photoelasticity
    An investigation of support programs for college students with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome
    Investigation of the biological role of the polycystic kidney disease protein bicaudal C (Bicc1) using comparative animal models
    Investigations into the cause of pollen abortion in maize CMS-C
    Investigations into the chemistry of protein tyrosine phosphatase redox regulation
    "It's about just staying focused": how African American gay and bisexual men persist at a predominately white institution
    Kaylene can't drive: stories
    The Kissing party
    Knickerbockers west: how three playwrights shaped the image of the American west
    Knowledge construction, social identity and social network structure in completely online groups
    Land dykes in the Ozarks: lesbian feminists living menopause and beyond
    Leadership capacity in a complex connected age
    Leadership experiences of an American Indian education leader serving Indian students in an Indian community
    Leading in the Mississippi Delta: an exploratory study of race, class and gender
    Legalized orphans: parental relinquishment to child welfare
    A longitudinal study of differences in staff assaults by responses to residents in a forensic hospital
    Macroeconomic trade-offs in small open economies
    Making meaning of service-learning: the power of direct service and reflection
    Mathematical problems from cryobiology
    Mathematics teacher instruction, classroom goal structures, and student motivation: a test of achievement goal theory