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    Fabrication and characterization of polymer based metal-oxide-semiconductor and non-volatile memory devices [1]
    Factors influencing agricultural education students' choice to teach [1]
    Fast and adaptive H.264/AVC video coding for network based applications [1]
    Fgf2-stimulated proliferation is lower in muscle precursor cells from old rats [1]
    A fiber-optic confocal scanner for scattering tissue [1]
    The fiscal responsiveness to economic fluctuations [1]
    A free boundary gas dynamic model as a two-body field theory problem [1]
    Frequency domain fluorescent molecular tomography and molecular probes for small animal imaging [1]
    From communist to capitalist industrial policy : policy-making during late socialism, transition and EU capitalism [1]
    From developmental biology to tissue-engineering: printing blood vessels [1]
    Gas sorption in engineered carbon nanospaces [1]
    Gender role conflict, problem-solving appraisal, and the psychological functioning of firefighters [1]
    Gene-environment interaction in alcohol problems in emerging and young adulthood : the DRD4 VNTR, DAT1 VNTR, and 5-HTTLPR polymorphisms [1]
    Genetic basis of isoflavone accumulation during soybean seed development : special focus on water-deficit conditions [1]
    Genetic engineering of soybean using candidate genes to improve drought tolerance [1]
    Genome scale meta analysis of microarrays for biological inferences [1]
    Genome scan in commercial angus cattle for quantitative trait loci influencing growth, carcass, and reproductive traits [1]
    Glomerulosclerosis in the Col1a2-deficient mouse model : homotrimer pathogenesis and MMP expression [1]
    "The great fairy science" : the marriage of natural history and fantasy in Victorian children's literature [1]
    Grief and mourning among African American elders after spousal bereavement [1]