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    Gas sorption in engineered carbon nanospaces [1]
    Gender role conflict, problem-solving appraisal, and the psychological functioning of firefighters [1]
    Gene-environment interaction in alcohol problems in emerging and young adulthood : the DRD4 VNTR, DAT1 VNTR, and 5-HTTLPR polymorphisms [1]
    Genetic basis of isoflavone accumulation during soybean seed development : special focus on water-deficit conditions [1]
    Genetic engineering of soybean using candidate genes to improve drought tolerance [1]
    Genome scale meta analysis of microarrays for biological inferences [1]
    Genome scan in commercial angus cattle for quantitative trait loci influencing growth, carcass, and reproductive traits [1]
    Glomerulosclerosis in the Col1a2-deficient mouse model : homotrimer pathogenesis and MMP expression [1]
    "The great fairy science" : the marriage of natural history and fantasy in Victorian children's literature [1]
    Grief and mourning among African American elders after spousal bereavement [1]
    A hierarchical Bayesian mixture approach for modeling reflectivity fields with application to Nowcasting [1]
    Hierarchical model of gas exchange within the acinar airways of the human lung [1]
    Hierarchical physical-statistical forecasting in the atmospheric sciences [1]
    A high voltage piezoelectric transformer for active interrogation [1]
    Higher-order thinking in the high-stakes accountability era : linking student engagement and standardized test performance [1]
    The home as public space and creative initiative [1]
    How sweet it is to be loved by you : toward an understanding of why close relationships buffer existential fear [1]
    "I know it looks like I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you" : nonresidential father identities after divorce [1]
    The impact analysis of structural change in Korean agriculture with respect to the Korean-United States free trade agreement : dynamic simultaneous equation model approach [1]
    Impacts of municipal wastewater effluent on seed banks, chemistry, and microorganisms of soils excavated from wetland impoundments designated for wildlife [1]