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    "I know it looks like I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you" : nonresidential father identities after divorce [1]
    The impact analysis of structural change in Korean agriculture with respect to the Korean-United States free trade agreement : dynamic simultaneous equation model approach [1]
    Impacts of municipal wastewater effluent on seed banks, chemistry, and microorganisms of soils excavated from wetland impoundments designated for wildlife [1]
    Implementation of integrated mathematics textbooks in secondary school classrooms [1]
    In vitro characterization of Nudt16 orthologs by sequence and function provide evidence supporting a nuclear RNA degradation pathway [1]
    Inactivation of protein tyrosine phosphatases by endogenous and dietary agents [1]
    Infiltration and solid-liquid phase change in porous media [1]
    Influence of diet, production traits, blood hormones and metabolites, and mitochondrial complex protein concentrations on residual feed intake in beef cattle [1]
    Information, pleasure, and persuasion : how motivations function in talking politics [1]
    Inhibition of progestin-induced VEGF in mammary cancer by curcumin and 2-methoxy estradiol and their potential role as anti-angiogenic & chemopreventive compounds [1]
    Innate immunity in Arabidopsis : molecular mechanisms of HOPA1 and AVRRS4 - specific disease resistance signaling pathways [1]
    Interaction of transcription factors in regulation of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) alpha subunit gene promoter activity [1]
    Investigating the development and use of phylogenetic representations by college undergraduates in a plant systematics course [1]
    Investigation of static interfacial fracture in orthotropic-orthotropic composite bimaterials using photoelasticity [1]
    An investigation of support programs for college students with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome [1]
    Investigation of the biological role of the polycystic kidney disease protein bicaudal C (Bicc1) using comparative animal models [1]
    Investigations into the cause of pollen abortion in maize CMS-C [1]
    Investigations into the chemistry of protein tyrosine phosphatase redox regulation [1]
    "It's about just staying focused" : how African American gay and bisexual men persist at a predominately white institution [1]
    Kaylene can't drive : stories [1]