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    Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array [1]
    Algorithm for computation and visualization of weighted constrained Voronoi diagrams [1]
    An analysis of the impact of the A+ schools program on student enrollment, certificate or degree completion and transitioning to a four-year university [1]
    Athletes' experiences of sport psychology consultation: exploring a multi-season, cross gender intervention [1]
    Bioinformatics methods for protein identification using peptide mass fingerprinting data [1]
    Business and marketing teacher preparation in Missouri: a study of characteristics and influencing factors [1]
    Change in high-risk behaviors during the first college year categorized by gender, first-generation status, and admission index demographics as measured by the CIRP and YFCY [1]
    Community multidimensional fall risk screening [1]
    A comparison of kernel equating and item response theory true score equating [1]
    A comparison of learning cultures in different size and types of high schools [1]
    Computational modeling of the fear circuit: a system approach to understand anxiety and stress disorder [1]
    Computational neural models at molecular, cellular and behavioral levels: three case studies [1]
    Desegregation and its impact on institutional culture at a historically black university [1]
    Educational entrepreneurism in higher education: a comparative case study of two academic centers within one land-grant university [1]
    Emerging donors: the reliability and validity of the survey of women's philanthropic motivations (SWPM) [1]
    Enterprise resource planning implementation in higher education [1]
    Evaluating the engaged institution: the conceptualizations and discourses of engagement [1]
    Experiences influencing physician rural practice and retention: a phenomenological study [1]
    An exploratory study of professional development experiences for new middle school science teachers in a suburban school district [1]
    Exploring international student academic engagement using the NSSE framework [1]