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    A hierarchical Bayesian mixture approach for modeling reflectivity fields with application to Nowcasting
    Hierarchical model of gas exchange within the acinar airways of the human lung
    Hierarchical physical-statistical forecasting in the atmospheric sciences
    A high voltage piezoelectric transformer for active interrogation
    Higher-order thinking in the high-stakes accountability era: linking student engagement and standardized test performance
    The home as public space and creative initiative
    How sweet it is to be love [sic] by you: toward an understanding of why close relationships buffer existential fear
    "I know it looks like I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you": nonresidential father identities after divorce
    The impact analysis of structural change in Korean agriculture with respect to the Korean-United States free trade agreement: dynamic simultaneous equation model approach
    Impacts of municipal wastewater effluent on seed banks, chemistry, and microorganisms of soils excavated from wetland impoundments designated for wildlife
    Implementation of integrated mathematics textbooks in secondary school classrooms
    In vitro characterization of Nudt16 orthologs by sequence and function provide evidence supporting a nuclear RNA degradation pathway
    Inactivation of protein tyrosine phosphatases by endogenous and dietary agents
    Infiltration and solid-liquid phase change in porous media
    Influence of diet, production traits, blood hormones and metabolites, and mitochondrial complex protein concentrations on residual feed intake in beef cattle
    Information, pleasure, and persuasion: how motivations function in talking politics
    Inhibition of progestin-induced VEGF in mammary cancer by curcumin and 2-methoxy estradiol and their potential role as anti-angiogenic & chemopreventive compounds
    Innate immunity in Arabidopsis: molecular mechanisms of HOPA1 and AVRRS4 - specific disease resistance signaling pathways
    Interaction of transcription factors in regulation of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) alpha subunit gene promoter activity
    Investigating the development and use of phylogenetic representations by college undergraduates in a plant systematics course