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    The Bavarian model?: modernization, environment, and landscape planning in the Bavarian nuclear power industry, 1950-1980
    Bayesian smoothing spline analysis of variance models
    A behavioral feedback-based intervention to improve medication adherence in older adults with hypertension
    Bioinformatics methods for protein identification using peptide mass fingerprinting data
    Boundary conditions for a visual working memory capacity model
    Business and marketing teacher preparation in Missouri: a study of characteristics and influencing factors
    Calling the shots in negotiations: the effects of self-efficacy, cognitive style, goal orientation, information about past performance, and opponents' behavior on negotiators' risk taking
    CFTR gating mechanism: the role of dimerization of nucleotide binding domains
    Change in high-risk behaviors during the first college year categorized by gender, first-generation status, and admission index demographics as measured by the CIRP and YFCY
    The changing policy environment for agriculture in the European Union
    Characterization of raffinose synthase genes in soybean
    Characterization of resistance to tombusvirus in nicotiana species
    Characterization of SF-hERR[beta] repression of human estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor-beta transcriptional activities
    Chemical modifications to produce soy-based polyols
    Clues to meaning: exploring potential effects of paired, congruent cues on toddlers' word learning
    Co-constructing work-life concerns: an examination of couples' discourse
    Community multidimensional fall risk screening
    Comparative fundamental cryobiology of mouse embryonic stem cells
    A comparison of grant-funded outdoor classrooms in rural and nonrural Missouri schools
    Comparison of three tall fescue-based stocker systems