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    Kaylene can't drive: stories [1]
    The Kissing party [1]
    Knickerbockers west: how three playwrights shaped the image of the American west [1]
    Knowledge construction, social identity and social network structure in completely online groups [1]
    Land dykes in the Ozarks: lesbian feminists living menopause and beyond [1]
    Leadership capacity in a complex connected age [1]
    Leadership experiences of an American Indian education leader serving Indian students in an Indian community [1]
    Leading in the Mississippi Delta: an exploratory study of race, class and gender [1]
    Legalized orphans: parental relinquishment to child welfare [1]
    A longitudinal study of differences in staff assaults by responses to residents in a forensic hospital [1]
    Mathematical problems from cryobiology [1]
    Metabolically activated heterocyclic N-oxide compounds for killing and visualizing hypoxic cancer cells [1]
    Middle and late woodland period cultural transmission, residential mobility, and aggregation in the deep South [1]
    Midwestern climate records from tree ring [delta]¹³C and [delta]¹⁸O values [1]
    Modeling of delayed fluorescence from photosystem II and applications in assessment of drought and chemical stresses [1]
    Modeling tools and prototype design of loop heat pipe for electronics cooling [1]
    Molecular basis of protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibition by biologically important small molecules with relevance to cell signaling pathways [1]
    Molecular characterization of soybean resistance to soybean cyst nematode [1]
    Monte Carlo neutronic simulations for a new approach to parametric INAA and Mo-99 production feasibility at MURR [1]
    A multidisciplinary study on juvenile recidivism and multilevel impacts: risk factors, neighborhood features, and juvenile justice intervention [1]