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    Secretory phospholipase A2-IIA in Alzheimer's disease and inflammatory responses in astrocytes
    Seismic tomography and anisotropy: studies of intraplate seismic zones
    Single particle dynamics in liquid metals
    Social cognitive predictors of Mexican American college students' academic and life satisfaction
    The space between: uncovering the lived experience of actor communication
    Speckle mechanism in holographic optical coherence imaging
    Stand structure development effects on wood quality of Melina (Gmelina arborea roxb.)
    Statistical analysis for survival data with missing information
    Statistical analysis of failure time data with missing information
    Streaming video using cooperative networking
    Structure-activity relationship of octreotide analogues labeled with rhenium and technetium-99m
    Student lobbyists' behavior and its perceived influence on state-level public higher education legislation: a case study
    A study of the educational facilities planning process within the context of a social and political environment
    Supporting practitioners' use of pivotal response training within educational contexts
    Surface and deep water circulation in late Cretaceous North Atlantic greenhouse ocean
    A survey of employee engagement
    A survey study of school counselors' perceptions of the importance of professional development areas
    Synthesis and testing of soy-based polyols: phosphate and glycerolysis oligomers
    Targeting estrogen- and hedgehog-signaling pathways in prostate cancer
    Teacher opportunities to learn: responses and recommendations of grades 6-12 mathematics teachers from one district