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    Technology and creativity: fashion design in the 21st century [1]
    Theoretical and in silico modeling of biological systems: from protein structure prediction to cellular dynamics [1]
    Three essays on agricultural price volatility [1]
    Three essays on stock market liquidity and earnings seasons [1]
    Three essays on the factor content of trade [1]
    Three essays on trade gravity model [1]
    Topics in geometric analysis with applications to partial differential equations [1]
    Tumor-initiating cells in malignant brain tumors [1]
    Two brief treatments based on dialectical behavior therapy for binge eating across diagnoses and thresholds: results from a preliminary randomized dismantling study [1]
    Understanding the change to integration: an organizational analysis of a small newspaper [1]
    Use of reflection in medical education [1]
    The use of web analytics on an academic library website [1]
    The user-generated dilemma: can the ways in which media organizations publish audience contributions affect the way the audience feels about the site and their intention to contribute? [1]
    Vertical integration and sabotage: evidence and regulation [1]
    The virtual social capital of online communities: media use and motivations as predictors of online and offline engagement via six measures of community strength [1]
    Waterproof dress: an exploration of development and design from 1880 through 1895 [1]
    What economic sanctions signal: cheap talk, or putting your money where your mouth is? [1]
    Where are the women in women's sports?: predictors of female athletes' interest in a coaching career [1]
    Whole Genome Scan in Commercial Angus Cattle for Quantitative Trait Loci Influencing Growth, Carcass, and Reproductive Traits [1]
    Willingness to return to digital learning resources: information environments of students following online course completion [1]