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    Battles of the sexes onstage: explorations of changing Gender roles by four American women playwrights of the 1910s-1930s [1]
    Beneath the light: stage-bound and ankle-cuffed [1]
    Buddhist imagery in the work of Paul Gauguin: the impact of primitivism, theology and cultural studies [1]
    Bushwhacker Belles : Exploring Gender, Guerrilla Warfare, and the Union Provost Marshal Records [1]
    Camille Claudel: The Struggle for Artistic Idenity [1]
    Chapel Hill, Missouri: Lost Visions of America's Vanguard on the Western Frontier 1820 to 1865 [1]
    Charles Mingus Played Bass?: Rediscovering a Jazz Soloist Through Transcription [1]
    Collateral damage: anti-communism & U.S. cultural policy [1]
    A Comparison of ADRR Scores in Very Young, School-age, and Adolescent Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus [1]
    A Comparison Study of Grace-Based Groundwater Modeling for Data-Rich and Data-Scarce Regions [1]
    Cul-de-Sacs [1]
    A Data mining study of ranking within social networks [1]
    Discomfort [1]
    Distributed RDF query processing and reasoning for big data / linked data [1]
    Effect of Delayed Polymerization Time and Bracket Manipulation on Orthodontic Bracket Bonding [1]
    Effects of Topical Fluoride Prophylactic Agents on the Mechanical Properties of Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium Closed Coil Springs and Stainless Steel Closed Coil Springs [1]
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete [1]
    Electronic structure and partial charge distribution of doxorubicin under different molecular environments [1]
    Evidence based medical query system on large scale data [1]
    Evolution of the Bahamian coastal environment of San Salvador Island over the last 3,500 years based on triangle pond sediment cores [1]