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    The Ghost in the Machine: Frances Perkins’ Refusal to Accept Marginalization [1]
    High Speed and Low Power Pipelined ADC Design for MRI Application [1]
    Home Almost [1]
    Identification of novel coding single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome [1]
    Identifying relationships among drug side-effects using probabilistic association rule mining [1]
    Imagining and performing The Self in NAZI Germany: Leisure and travel in the correspondence of Hilde Laube and Roland Nordhoff, 1938-39 [1]
    Intraoral Corrosion of Self-ligating Metallic Brackets and Archwires and the Effect on Friction [1]
    Introduction of a Fully Relativistic Capable Basis Set in the ab initio Orthogonalized Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Method [1]
    The Johnson Treatment: Cold War Food Aid and the Politics of Gratitude [1]
    Kalabari Masquerade and the gaze: identity and spectatorship in the sculptures of Sokari Douglass Camp [1]
    The Kansas City Foot Patrol project : An evaluation of the effectiveness of foot patrol in violent crime micro-places [1]
    A Knowledge-based approach of satellite image classification for urban wetland detection [1]
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarine, violin, cello, percussion and piano [1]
    Lapse of time, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and piano [1]
    Lotte Reiniger’s career in animation and her first full-­‐length animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed [1]
    Machined Music [1]
    Modified Virtual Internal Bond Model for Concrete Subjected To Dynamic Loading [1]
    Ms. Linto [1]
    Multiscale Study of the Interactions between Climate, Land Use, and Agricultural Productivity in Western Sahel: A Case Study of Chad [1]
    Narong Prangcharoen and Thai cross-cultural fusion in contemporary composition [1]