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    Battles of the sexes onstage: explorations of changing Gender roles by four American women playwrights of the 1910s-1930s
    Beneath the light: stage-bound and ankle-cuffed
    Buddhist imagery in the work of Paul Gauguin: the impact of primitivism, theology and cultural studies
    Bushwhacker Belles : Exploring Gender, Guerrilla Warfare, and the Union Provost Marshal Records
    Camille Claudel: The Struggle for Artistic Idenity
    Chapel Hill, Missouri: Lost Visions of America's Vanguard on the Western Frontier 1820 to 1865
    Charles Mingus Played Bass?: Rediscovering a Jazz Soloist Through Transcription
    Collateral damage: anti-communism & U.S. cultural policy
    A Comparison Study of Grace-Based Groundwater Modeling for Data-Rich and Data-Scarce Regions
    A Data mining study of ranking within social networks
    Distributed RDF query processing and reasoning for big data / linked data
    Effect of Delayed Polymerization Time and Bracket Manipulation on Orthodontic Bracket Bonding
    Effects of Topical Fluoride Prophylactic Agents on the Mechanical Properties of Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium Closed Coil Springs and Stainless Steel Closed Coil Springs
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete
    Electronic structure and partial charge distribution of doxorubicin under different molecular environments
    Evidence based medical query system on large scale data
    Exploiting the ability of Self Organizing Networks for inter-cell interference coordination for emergency communications in cellular networks
    From Everyman to Hero: The Inculturation and Propaganda of the Adventures of Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher Serials
    From top to bottom: rhetoric in the hierarchy of focused deterrence stakeholders