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    The Johnson Treatment: Cold War Food Aid and the Politics of Gratitude
    Kalabari Masquerade and the gaze: identity and spectatorship in the sculptures of Sokari Douglass Camp
    The Kansas City Foot Patrol project : An evaluation of the effectiveness of foot patrol in violent crime micro-places
    A Knowledge-based approach of satellite image classification for urban wetland detection
    Lotte Reiniger’s career in animation and her first full-­‐length animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed
    Modified Virtual Internal Bond Model for Concrete Subjected To Dynamic Loading
    Ms. Linto
    Multiscale Study of the Interactions between Climate, Land Use, and Agricultural Productivity in Western Sahel: A Case Study of Chad
    Narong Prangcharoen and Thai cross-cultural fusion in contemporary composition
    Online Vaccine Opposition: Identifying Trends and Contextualizing Criticism
    Parametric Soil-Structure Modeling for Rapid Climatic Disaster Response
    Photosensitivity and Magnetosensitivity of The Drosophila Circadian Clock
    Piano concerto for piano and full orchestra
    Pieter Bruegel The Elder’s The Months: A Perspective
    Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Months: A Perspective
    Progenitor or Mere Predecessor: A Study of Ukiyo-e's Place in the Development of Modern Manga Through the Works of Rumiko Takahashi
    A Quack on Trial: Advertising and Education in Missouri's Medical Marketplace, 1850--1890
    Reconsidering George Gershwin and an American in Paris as an extension of the romantic tradition
    Self adapting smart electrical grid
    Self-Organizing Networks Prospects for Group Scheduling for Disaster Relief and Public Safety Communications in Cellular Networks